When is the right time to Enroll Kids in Pre-School & Kindergarten?

Pre-school is sometimes referred to as kindergarten and it is the education given to kids mostly between ages 4 and 5 before they are admitted into the compulsory tiers of education (primary, secondary...).

Most times parents worry about when it is right to push their kids to kindergarten work from pre-school or play school.

Most times, the decision is made depending on what the kids who have been in playschool have learned. If your child knows the different shapes, has mastered numbers from one to twenty or more, then we might be forced to think he/she is ready for kindergarten.

However, there are things that ought to be considered before declaring our wards fit for kindergarten. A kid's age, interests, strengths, maturity etc must be put into consideration before finally declaring them fit for kindergarten.


Some kids have developmental issues and though they are 5 years old numerically, they might not be same developmentally. Such a child is just not ready for kindergarten. If your child doesn't speak well to people's understanding, is uneven-tempered, or isn't an active child, then the child is not ready for kindergarten.


The age for kindergarten is 5 years. After that, a child gets to primary school at age 6 through 12. If your child was given birth to prematurely, you ought to wait till the due date when the child clocks five before registering him/her for kindergarten. If the child is experiencing developmental delays, it might have an adverse effect on his/her academic abilities and hence an extra added year is the best the option.


If a child must be sent to preschool, they must be ready for it. He/she must. Be ready to learn 'preschool ideas' from the preschool curriculum. Eager children learn to write their names, numbers, different shapes, opposites, etc.

The curriculum of these schools also enhances a parent’s choice. A curriculum that incorporates intense learning for the kids should be supported.

In some countries, preschool and kindergarten are often interchanged. However, in our country, they may be different stages of schooling before the compulsory formal education.

Preschool prepares your kid for kindergarten and kindergarten prepares them for primary education.