Secondary Education

Secondary Education is the stage of education that your ward acquires after successfully passing the primary stage. Most kids in secondary school are from the age of 12 and above.

After your child must have overcome the rigors of pre-school and kindergarten, then comes the real and formal education. It is in two stages, primary and secondary.

While your kid may still be very vulnerable during the primary stage, at the secondary stage, he/she may have been able or is capable of handling him/herself to some extent.

Just like choosing a good preschool and primary school for your little fellas, choosing a good secondary school is a huge stress. While most of the schools around are religious and can make your child look heretic, some are not at a comfortable distance from our homes. The attitude of most schools admitting pupils by proximity may make you stand a slim chance of getting your kid into that school you have always wanted.

Pay no attention to the looks of some secondary school students on adverts and billboards, most are just for the advert.

However, since worrying about all of these might just end up in a blur, what can a pressurized parent do to ensure that they pick the right secondary education for their wards?

Listen to Word about the School

There must be people around you who have their kids in good schools. The word must have got out and people talk a lot. Hence it is good to get your ears to the ground. It will give you an insight as to which schools should be amongst your options for your child.

Worry Less

Try and avoid frenzy. The more worried and shaky you are about which secondary school is best for your child, the more prone to mistakes you will become. Ensure you make your findings with a clear head.

Find One that Suits You

Consider a school where there are freedom and liberty for you to have a one-on-one discussion with the teachers or other students, a school that allows you an opportunity to explore its site, and also a school that has a platform for students and teachers to interact asides all the formal work.

Any academic establishment that denies you any of these should be avoided.


Find out about the school's curriculum. Schools with more suitable curriculum have more effective lads than one that either crams everything into these kids.

Ensure that you investigate properly before having your kid admitted to any secondary school so as not to find yourself in a mess in the near future.