Application Process for Bangkok International Schools

  • Posted on: 17 July 2019
  • By: dischool_admin

If you want to enroll your child to an international school in Bangkok, you must first send an application to your preferred institution. The majority of international schools in the city follow a standard application procedure.

Here are the steps for applying for a place in Bangkok international schools.

Completing the Inquiry Form and Visiting the School

Most schools have online portals where parents can fill out an inquiry form. Schools use this information to improve the quality of their services.

After completing the form, the next step is booking a campus tour. This helps parents and children in getting an overview of the learning environment. 

Family Interviews
After reviewing your application, the admissions team will respond via email. Most schools restrict students to one interview per year. This means that if the request is unsuccessful, the kid can only reapply on the following year.

Short-listed candidates proceed to an interview, where the admission team evaluates various aspects such as level of confidence, proficiency in English, previous experience in international schools, national and siblings, and so on. 

Once a student gets a place at their school of choice, they are expected to confirm it by paying the required fees and completing the letter of acceptance. 

Factors that Affects Student Placement

The most significant consideration factor is the availability of space. If space is available, your kids have a high chance of getting admission. Otherwise, it is impossible.

Additionally, the performance of a student during the interview determines whether they get an opportunity or not. An excellent performance guarantees a place, while a poor performance reduces the chances for placement. 

If your child is transferring from another school, their previous academic record has a significant interview on the outcome of the application. In this regard, top performers are prioritized over average students.

Lastly, the admissions team also assess proficiency in English since it is the primary language in international skills. A basic grasp of the language is mandatory to get a chance at these institutions. If a child is unable to speak English, they might have to attend classes before getting admission.