Do you need a school license for any educational company registration in Thailand?

  • Posted on: 17 January 2020
  • By: dischool_admin

If you want to go ahead with the company registration Thailand in the educational world, there are many different things that you have to consider. One of them is definitely what type of license you need especially if you want to go in the educational world and want to create a school. Creating a school is possible in Thailand, there are lots of different options. But there are a plethora of different things to consider.

The building itself needs to be independent from other businesses and it needs to be permitted to be used for education. The study room has to be over 20 square feet. On top of that, the toilets need to be separated for every gender and the licensee needs to own the building or at least have it under a lease. Another thing to note here is that you will require a license.

As a foreigner you’re not really allowed to start the company registration in Thailand for this. The licensee in particular needs to have a Thai nationality and he has to be over 20. He also needs to have a very good standing too, which is something to keep in mind every time.

The company registration in Thailand clearly states that the school has to be used for education. You also need to have enough capital for the school operation and there have to be Thai majority shareholders. However, you only need to have a single Thai director. Even the executive needs to have a Thai nationality and he needs to have outstanding specifications too.

Teachers and lecturers can be from other country, there’s no restriction. But if you want to create a school as a foreigner, as you can see, the company registration in Thailand process will not allow you to do that. You can be an investor if you want, but even then you can’t own more than 49% as the majority of investors have to be from Thailand. There are some differences to keep in mind through the entire process, so once you understand this it will be easier to manage the process at a very professional level. One thing is certain, understanding the experience is extremely important and you will find results to be extraordinary every time.

We recommend you to work with a dedicated professional if you want the company registration in Thailand process to work very well. Creating a school in Thailand comes with lots of regulations and things that you need to keep in mind. And you really have to figure out how to manage the process and make it work in a reliable manner. It’s definitely a great opportunity but at the same time it also comes with its fair share of demanding situations. Once you do it right, nothing will stand in your way. It all comes down to understanding the requirements but yes, you need a license for any school company registration in Thailand.

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