Finding the Right International School for Your Child

  • Posted on: 29 November 2016
  • By: dischool_admin

As a proud parent of a child, it is your prime responsibility to ensure that your child gets the best education possible. The quality of education your child will receive will ultimately depend on the choices you make; the first important decision that you will have to make is to select the right school for him/her. Although it is a tough decision to make, but not in Bangkok, Thailand since there is no shortage of quality education and high-standard schools in this metropolitan city. 

Whether you are interested in sending your kid to study in a state school and get free education or you want to enroll him/her in a private school to experience top-class learning atmosphere, you enjoy endless options in Thailand. A lot of the Thai parents, as well as expats in general, prefer sending their siblings to private schools since the quality of education is exceptional. 

Types of Private Schools in Thailand
There are basically two types of private schools in Thailand:
1.    Thai Private Schools
2.    International Schools

While Thai private schools follow only the Thai curriculum with an aim to prepare the kids so that they are able to pass the national exams necessary for entry into the university, International schools on the other hand follow the British or American curriculum and prepare the kids to pass the internationally recognized exams such as PSAT/SAT (USA), GCSEs (UK), and International Baccalaureate so that they are able to attend higher education institutes in many foreign countries. Besides imparting quality education, International schools also offer a wide range of extra curricula activities to groom socially skilled, well-rounded and healthier students. 
Whether you are interested in enrolling your three-year-old boy to an International school in Bangkok, or you are concerned about admitting your adult girl to an International college, there is simply no shortage of International schools in Thailand. As a parent, finding the best International school for your child is your responsibility, make sure you do your homework before enrolling your child to an International school. 

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