How to Find the Right International School in Bangkok

  • Posted on: 29 November 2016
  • By: dischool_admin

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, will have travelers jumping for excitement. It is a choice destination because of its affordable health care, contemporary architectural advancements, social life and educational facilities. ‘Educational facilities’ - Did you just read that? That’s right, you did.

Bangkok is the location of some of the best schools in Southeast Asia and the world.

Besides having some world-class universities, Bangkok is where you will find excellent international schools for your kids.

Adjusting to the social life in Bangkok might be relatively easy when compared to your kids adjusting to the academic environment. Hence, it is a huge weight on your shoulders to find a suitable international school for them.

To do this, you have to consider a few determining factors.


An International school in Bangkok offers much and even extra to your kids in terms of individual and mental development. It is only right that the cost is on par with the services provided.


We must know that there is a feeling of closeness to a child that a parent gets when the child’s school is just blocks away. Besides that, a child sitting on a school bus for a long time before getting home might be punishment on the part of the child. A suitable location must be selected.


An International school in Bangkok should use any of American, International Baccalaureate, British, French or German curricula. They are not English-programmed schools but make use of international curriculum to help your child to keep using the curriculum of their birth country.

The Staff

The staff is another factor you must consider when selecting an international school in Bangkok. Are the staff really capable of taking care of your kid in your absence? Does your kid feel safe? Are the teachers well trained for their profession? You have to answer these.


An International school in Bangkok has strong ties with various international education governing bodies all over the world. International organizations such as TISAC, TFCP, ISAT, IBO, WASC, CIS and many more should be affiliated to a licensed international school in Bangkok.

Armed with this information, finding a good and suitable international school in Bangkok wouldn’t cause as much as a headache for a parent that puts his/her child’s academic well-being first

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