Studying at an International School in Thailand: All You Need to Know

  • Posted on: 20 August 2019
  • By: dischool_admin

You’ve probably overheard a colleague who’s also an expat talking about the benefits of enrolling kids in an international school in Bangkok. Now you are wondering what such an option has that’s special and perhaps different from the ordinary government schools in Thailand. 

Of course, moving to Thailand along with your children inherently means you will have to have to find them a school to attend. Not just an ordinary school, but an institution that they will not only grow academically, but also keep up with your native social and cultural values. And the best choice for them would certainly be an international school. 

What exactly is an international school?

A Thai international school or more closely, an international school in Bangkok, is a special institution which adopts a foreign curriculum. It could be American, British, Australia, Canadian, Indian or pretty much any other country. 

Some of the most popular curricular offered by the many international schools in Thailand are the International Baccalaureate, Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel. This, however, doesn’t mean that national curricular of other countries aren’t available. 

Why your little one qualifies to study in an international school

These schools are mostly reserved for school-going kids of Thailand expats who prefer to enroll them in an institution whose curriculum is akin to what’s offered in their home country. Mostly, it targets those looking to acquire western education and aspire to continue their education abroad. 

Anyone can enroll their kid in an international school in Bangkok, although approval isn’t always a guarantee. For a student who’s lucky enough to be admitted, however, such schools provide lots of perks, including the guarantee of getting admitted in a college without any hassle back at home.  

But mostly, these schools appeal to the affluent whose kids hope to fly abroad and continue their studies. Further, the fact that the quality of education offered is high means that these schools enjoy a huge reputation, both within Thailand and abroad. And this usually gives any graduate an edge in the job market as well. 

Need to choose an international school in Bangkok for your child?

All your kids deserve to get the best quality of education offered in Thailand. And because international schools are supreme, you must not hesitate to enroll them in an international school. 

But while hunting for one institution, there’s a couple of things you’ve got to remember. First, these schools are classified into three: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, with Tier 1 being the crème de la crème or those with multiple international accreditations, including ONESQA. 

Also, you must consider the curriculum the school offers, the school’s location and the quality of education it offers. You should only use fees as the last determinant once you’ve narrowed down the list to specific schools. 

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