What It Takes To Be Among the Top International Schools in Bangkok

  • Posted on: 16 October 2019
  • By: dischool_admin

A bigger majority of all expatriates migrating to Thailand often end up residing in and around the country’s capital, Bangkok. That automatically means they inherently hunt for international schools for their little ones from within their residences. 

Bangkok also being the most vibrant city, is home to the rich, well-off, and elite locals who afford to pay for premium education. It is understandable for the town to, therefore, host the biggest percentage of all international schools in Thailand

Thai International Schools Sector Has Been Tremendously Growing

The past few years have seen the total number of these institutions shoot to over 175. This phenomenon is partly because of the growing population of expats and immigrant long-stayers and retirees mostly coming from the west. 

For them, going for the local, government-run schools isn’t an option given the stark curricular differences. Because of this, the number of English-medium education schools targeting locals and foreigners has been increasing. 

Of course, these schools offer different curricular, with Britain and the United States, as well as the International Baccalaureate, being the three dominant ones. Other than sticking to their respective curricular, however, most of these schools incorporate a range of extras to their programs. 

What not everyone knows, however, is that the cadre of these schools differs. There are ordinary international schools, and then, there are “Top International Schools in Bangkok.” Forget about the fact that some are traditional foundation schools, and the others are proprietary schools with overseas franchises. 

Characteristics of Top international schools in Bangkok 
From a list comprising these “best international schools in Bangkok,” there are a couple of things one can deduce. First, schools falling under this category have consistently managed to register impressive academic performances over the years. They have a reputation of turning average kids into smart, high-achieving kids. 

They also lay much emphasis on outdoor activities that, not only give kids a chance to explore their talents but grow to be skillful sportspersons later. Most of them have modern sports clubs and studios where kids get to discover and pursue their skills and hobbies at a tender age. 

There’s another list of these great international schools that help kids develop an interest in tech too. With modern lab facilities fitted with the latest technology, kids spend time learning skills that would be beneficial later in the university. 

Interestingly, nearly all the schools under this category focus on the physical and social development of the children. They have expansive campuses with vast natural retreat areas where children interact and earn invaluable skills, including confidence. 

In this country, “the international schools market” is no longer modest and exclusive to specific personalities alone. All, locals and foreigners alike, are welcome to enroll their little ones and ensure they earn premium education. And with the features mentioned above, nobody flinches when it comes to choosing these schools.