Choosing the Right School for Your Ward’s Primary Education

Immediately after kindergarten, a kid begins the compulsory formal education. The first step on the ladder of formal education is the primary school.

Kids have to be up to 5years to be in kindergarten. Kids in primary school are often between ages of 6 to 15 years old. In some countries, the stages of primary education are 1-4.

Is Primary Education Compulsory?

There is no way your child can pass into secondary education without first completing the stage of primary education.

Just like the preschool was a preparatory stage for kindergarten and eventually primary school; that is how primary education is to the secondary education.

A child must have been able to access his/her cognitive abilities and able to put his/her intelligence to proper use and prepared for the rigors of the secondary education before being granted passage.

Criteria for Choosing Primary Education Establishment for your Kid

Check children-teacher relationship: A good school is supposed to have teachers who can understand the kids and get them to be the best they can be. Where there is an absence of a teacher-children bond, the kids tend to be loose ends.

School curriculum: Some schools have engagements that will keep your kids working like a clock. Others have lesser engagements for your kids. What exactly do you want for your kids? More time for racking their little brains or hanging out?

A School with no Recess is a 'no-no.': Aerobic exercises aid general health as much as relaxing the brain improves cognitive abilities and functionality in kids. Check for schools that do not have playgrounds and avoid them. Experts say that kids need a downtime of at least 20minutes every day for them to break off some of the rigors of learning.

The Teachers matter a lot: A good school is made of excellent teachers. A good teacher doesn't just know what they teach but also how to improve a child's learning abilities and speed. Kids are surrounded by people who show them love at home; the teacher should be able to replicate such love to make the child comfortable in class.

Getting your child the best education possible is what you owe him/her. With proper information, you can accomplish this and help build a society of upright men and women.